Access to Capital in the Nursing Home Industry

A Resource on the Role of Policy and Implications for the Future

This study from ATI Advisory, commissioned by NIC, offers an in-depth look into the history of the nursing home environment and the policy events that have shaped this landscape. 

  • Snapshot of the current nursing home environment 
  • Data on residents/patients, staffing, reimbursement methods, infrastructure, and quality
  • History of policymaking impacts on nursing homes - both intended and unintended 

See the press release issued June 16, 2022.




“Public private partnership are failing, creating a skilled nursing industry with well-documented challenges that need to be addressed. Solutions should address the root cause of the problem: encouraging private capital investments to modernize buildings, improve operations and, most importantly, innovate to enhance resident care and quality of life.” - Brian Jurutka, president and CEO, NIC

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted weaknesses in the United States’ long-term care system, including its workforce challenges, financing mechanisms, and dependence on nursing homes as the primary infrastructure and only guaranteed site of care for Medicaid beneficiaries who need long-term services and supports. Understanding the events leading up to the current environment can help inform future paths.  

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