NIC Leadership Huddle:

The Intersection of Operators and the

Financial Community in a COVID-19 Environment

This hour-long webinar drilled into the topics and questions being discussed between operators and their financial partners in the COVID-19 environment. Since early March, operators have implemented strict protocols to prevent and limit the spread of the virus across properties. What are these measures? How successful have they been? How have operations been affected? Are expenses rising?

What plans have financial partners put in in place to support their operating partners? What contingency plans have been developed? What’s the tenor of the discussion going on in this new normal? What should owners and operators be thinking about as they have their weekly meetings with their partners?

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Beth Burnham Mace
Chief Economist

Beth Burnham Mace is the Chief Economist and Director of Outreach at the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care (NIC). Prior to joining the staff at NIC, she served as a member of the NIC Board of Directors for seven years and chaired NIC’s Research Committee. Ms. Mace was also a Director at AEW Capital Management and worked in the AEW Research Group for 17 years. Prior to joining AEW in 1997, Ms. Mace spent ten years at Standard & Poor’s DRI/McGraw-Hill as the Director of the Regional Information Service. She also worked as a Regional Economist at Crocker Bank, the National Commission on Air Quality, the Brookings Institution and Boston Edison. 

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Wendy Simpson
President & CEO
LTC Properties

Wendy Simpson has been CEO and President of LTC Properties, Inc. since March 2007; and appointed Chairman of the Board in August 2013. She was elected to the Board in 1995 and joined the Company as Vice Chairman in 2000. She has also held the title of CFO of LTC Properties, Inc. Prior to her employment by LTC, Wendy held executive positions in public companies owning and operating acute care hospitals, LTACH hospitals, psychiatric hospitals and home health. She began her career in public accounting and has over 25 years in health care related businesses.


Simpson Wendy


Fee Stubblefield
Founder & CEO 

The Spring Living

Fee Stubblefield is the Founder and CEO of The Springs Living with its home office in McMinnville, Oregon. Fee started The Springs Living in 1996, with an idea to build a retirement community acceptable to his grandmother who was facing challenges of aging. Today there are 11 communities in Oregon and four in Montana. They offer senior living with options for independent retirement living, assisted living and memory care. The focus of The Springs Living has never been to be the biggest, but simply to be the best by changing the way people experience senior living as residents and employees. Fee embraces the fact that the “magic” is in the daily interactions between the residents and direct care staff. In addition to nurturing an atmosphere of warmth and caring, The Springs Living has been successful in developing beautiful communities from the ground up. The Springs at Greer Gardens in Eugene, Oregon, is the newest property in the family with 216 units (independent, assisted and memory care) and opened in June of 2017. 

Fee Stubblefield


Kathryn Sweeney
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Blue Moon Capital Partners LP

Kathryn Sweeney is responsible for setting and directing Blue Moon Capital Partners’ investment strategies including taking the lead on acquisitions and portfolio management and setting return optimization strategies. She is also jointly responsible, with Susan Barlow, for setting the long-term strategic direction of Blue Moon. Kathryn is a member of the Management and Investment Committees. She has been an active investment advisor and manager in the senior housing industry since 1997. Previously, Kathryn was Managing Director of The GPT Group’s US senior housing portfolio. GPT Group is one of Australia’s largest diversified listed property groups. During her tenure with GPT Kathryn was ensconced within Benchmark Senior Living where she gained deep insight into senior living operations that enhanced her influence on the strategic direction of GPT’s portfolio and contributes to her being viewed as a valuable strategic resource to Blue Moon’s operating partners.

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