The most trusted data for seniors housing and care.

NIC MAP® Data Service (NIC MAP) is the premier provider of unbiased market data for the seniors housing and care sector. With over 13 years of comprehensive, time-series market data, NIC MAP informs seniors housing investment decisions across 140 U.S. metropolitan markets.

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Seniors Housing & Care Data. It's all we do. 

Focused exclusively on seniors housing and care, the sector’s original data and analytics platform, NIC MAP provides you with the needed market intelligence to make informed decisions. 


Data Included?

  • Sales Transactions
  • Hospital Locations
  • Existing Stock
  • Construction Pipeline
  • Occupancy & Rate Comps
  • Demographics
  • Property Characteristics
  • and more!



How Often is the Data Updated?

Broken down by property type, care segments, and unit type, NIC MAP data is updated quarterly, monthly, and weekly varying by data set.

NIC MAP Data Service Benefits

Most Trusted

NIC MAP is the most trusted data for seniors housing and care and the first model of unbiased, dependable data.

Market Intelligence 

NIC MAP provides you with needed market intelligence to make informed decisions. 

Time Saving

NIC MAP saves you time by providing initial due diligence, with 24/7 access to desktop analysis at your fingertips.


NIC MAP is the best source for a truly reliable data set that provides leading indicators to the market.”

- Lindsay Casillas, Senior Vice President of Business Development, Sodexo Seniors

NIC MAP is just the go-to standard for the industry.”

- Colleen Blumenthal, Managing Partner, HealthTrust 

A major advantage of using NIC MAP is that it identifies the number and type of units and is very up-to-date on occupancy and rate information.”

- Alice Katz, President, The Vinca Group

NIC MAP allows us to dive deep into the markets.”

- Cameron Bell, Director, Portfolio Management, National Health Investors

We leverage NIC MAP data in a lot of ways. We use it any time that we're analyzing new portfolios, and to look at our existing portfolio of senior housing communities, for performance comparisons in their respective markets.”

- Jonathan Judd, Senior Director of Research and Corporate Strategy, HCP

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