Looking into the Future: How Much Seniors Housing Will Be Needed?

The latest whitepaper from NIC's Chief Economist Beth Burnham Mace and Research Statistician Anne Standish estimates the number of seniors housing units that will be needed through 2040 using the most recent U.S. Census population projections. 

Since projections are as much art as they are science, they have also created a few scenarios that project needed new supply based on different penetration rates and different household age cohorts.

Beth Mace Whitepaper-1

This complimentary whitepaper provided by NIC,  will examine the latest report and potential scenarios.

  • The pattern of demand dictated by simple demographic demand and how that changes from the near-term (next few years) to the longer term (out to
  • Scenarios of potential new demand associated with higher and lower penetration rates
  • Scenarios of potential demand based on the age of the resident--75, 80 or 85 years of age

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