2Q20 NIC MAP Data Release Webinar & Discussion Abridged Slides

Seniors Housing Key Themes & Insights

NIC MAP Data Service clients access our Data Release Webinar & Discussion every quarter for the latest seniors housing market data and trends, presented by NIC's outreach team.

While the full presentation is only available to NIC MAP clients, access the abridged version of the 2Q20 Data Release Webinar & Discussion featuring exclusive commentary from NIC's Chief Economist, Beth Mace, is available here. 


Insights include the following second quarter seniors housing data:

  • Seniors Housing Key Themes
  • Seniors Housing Property Count by Occupancy Cohort
  • Occupancy by Property Type
  • Nursing Care Quarter-over-Quarter Change in Average Occupancy (bps)
  • Seniors Housing – All vs. Stabilized Occupancy

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